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PAN Americas
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Angélica Ospina
Andrea Puppo
PanAmericas Staff
ICT4D Americas

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Added: 2002-05-28 13:59
Modified: 2010-07-20 8:38

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Recycling and Refurbishing Computers.
Interview with Angelica Ospina entitled "Basura Tecnológica" on Radio Canada International.

PAN-Americas Networking

In April 2006 Pan Americas project evolved into the Connectivity and Equity in the Americas program.

The PAN Americas corporate project at IDRC supported research on the social uses and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The project focused on strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to better understand the implications of ICTs for development, and to more effectively participate and influence policy making in the region.

PAN Americas fostered collaborative approaches to research and learning, and promoted sensitivity to gender issues.

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